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Simple vacuum table for solder paste application

So, you got your shiny new stencils and want to put them to good use? If you have played around with them a bit you will have noticed that it is rather easy to accidentally move the stencil sideways while applying paste or trying to lift it off.

A really simple solution to this that we came up with is to build a small vacuum table using some wood, glue and the ordinary vacuum machine you have in the closet! It will not take more than 30 minutes to build if you have the materials and some basic tools. Have a look at the pictures below and you should get the idea!

A thing worth mentioning is that this will only work if you have a couple of vias and/or other mounting holes in the PCB!

The stencil used on the picture is a laser cut mylar ordered from Good quality and price.

Vacuum board from above with stencil.

Vacuum board from above, inside details.

Vacuum board from below, vacuum cleaner attached.

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